I moved to USA 10 years ago to pursue my dream of being a part of the magic that is feature animation. I set off on this goal by pursuing character animation, but eventually found my horizons broadened by conceiving and directing films during my schooling at the Academy of Art University.

My student film Prelude, a production where I oversaw more than 45 people over a period of 4 years became my whole focus at school. Through this experience I developed a true love for story development and the intricacies that surround the art form. Upon graduation, and after the completion of my film, I began exploring more in the areas of painting, animation, illustration and design and developed a book that was relevant for market visibility. As a result I was hired by a gaming startup and now work as an art director. Some of my responsibilities at Playstudios include producing layout & character designs, storyboarding and animation for the casual gaming space.  

While attending festivals that include Prelude, I witnessed people chuckle and sigh exactly when I wanted them to with my film and I realized I must pursue this full time. Telling stories that move people gives me a thrill that I have yet to experience in any other art form. I realize the most important thing for me is the heart and soul of the story, it's that personal connection I enjoy most. Something about the characters should resonate within me and even if the plot seems absolutely irrelevant to my life, I love pulling from my personal experiences to bring emotion and heart to my films.  

Currently, I am pursuing storytelling and filmmaking as a career.